Charms in lycra, Yuliett Torres is the competition of Demi Rose

Charms in lycra, Yuliett Torres is the competition of Demi Rose | INSTAGRAM

From Jalisco, Mexico, the beautiful model Yuliett Torres is one of the Mexican influencers who has completely surprised the Internet after appearing in a video of the Tijuana toucans and making herself known, becoming much more famous than she already was.

That’s right, today we will introduce you to a beautiful young mexican who is very excited that you meet her today and that you enjoy her content, she is competing with Demi Rose so that Internet users also love her, so she shared these few photographs in which she placed her charms in lycra and consented to her followers of Instagram.

The beautiful model appeared in 6 photographs in one of her most flirtatious gray sports outfits squatting down and taking a look at the landscape that she gets from her balcony, of course changing her position so that we can appreciate its different angles and on all its cute charms that make anyone who sees it fall in love.

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Surely this beautiful model and influencer it will be very well received by readers who are just discovering it and there is no doubt that she enjoys what she does a lot because it shows a lot in her face of satisfaction at the moment of being photographed.

The comments started pouring in and I like them too bringing the post to over 118,000 likes in a short time after it was posted, of course she was more than ready to head out to get some exercise which has allowed her to stay. with that enviable figure that we all now enjoy in an incredible way in his official profile.

The young woman assures that her numbers are all real and that she has not bought a single follower in fact she also mentioned that her fans are from different countries Mexico, the United States, Brazil and many others and that she is even followed by many women who are inspired in it to take ideas of outfits and outfits.

Although we can see attractive photographs of her on her social networks of course there is also her exclusive content page where she shows pieces of entertainment much more attractive and uncovered than what she can do on IG, thanks to the censorship that exists in the application of the pictures.

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She really enjoyed her work and is always looking to give a greater boost to that official page where she uploads the content that her loyal fans love so much, who know that there is her best content of all.

The young woman always poses in different ways but always with a touch of enormous flirtation that goes beyond the screen and makes her followers immediately break into a sweat and feel things that very few models had made them feel.

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