Charms in lycra, Daniella Chávez waddles before the camera

Charms in lycra, Daniella Chávez waddles before the camera | INSTAGRAM

One of the Models and influencers most recognized of chili is Daniella Chávez, the pretty blonde who has become the favorite of many on Instagram thanks to the incredible attention she has towards her followers and the attractive pieces of content that she shares.

That’s right, this time we will address the latest publication of the beautiful young chilean, who is filling the Internet with beautiful photographs Y videos of its enormous beauty so this time it is a video that was incredible for any Internet user who observed it.

It is a short video, in which she appears in what appears to be a bar walking next to the bar and right in front of her cell phone camera while someone was recording the flirtatious moment and she showed off to the fullest.

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It is incredible to be able to see the young woman in her lycra outfit capturing the attention of so many people, just walking with her back to the camera lens, wiggling around and wearing her charms wholesale so that everyone can continue to enjoy it.

So far, the piece of entertainment has been reproduced more than 435,000 times, a quite high number even for such a beautiful young woman who already has more than 14.2 million followers in the famous social network of the photos.

Of course, her loyal audience loves to see her almost white blonde hair, her curves, her small waist and all that she has been working on in their personal gym at home.

But not only has she managed to have a nice apartment with a gym, but she has it in one of the cities of her dreams, Miami, Florida, where she always dreamed of living since she was a little girl and now that she is there, she only has to enjoy the fruit of their great effort and work to achieve it.

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Of course, he also shared a couple of stories with us, in which he took us to one of his last elegant meetings, from before leaving home he was already taking some videos in the car and when we got to the restaurant we can appreciate how he became the center of the place looks with its great beauty.

There is no doubt that this is the place where Daniella Chávez becomes one of the most beautiful girls in the place.On this occasion she was celebrating one of her friends and they were also toasting life, celebrating that things are a little better and that she personally has been doing very well, of course everything with that set of lycra glued on that made her shine all night.

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