Charms in action, Celia Lora shows off her figure in cute red outfit

Charms in action, Celia Lora shows off her figure in a cute red outfit (INSTAGRAM)

Charms in action, Celia Lora shows off her figure in a cute red outfit | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Mexican model and host, Celia Lora, today is one of the most constant and recognized content creators in Latin America, all thanks to the fact that she became an influencer in recent months and has appeared on various MTV programs such as Acapulco Shore.

However, the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the Mexican rock band El Tri, decided that she would not only create content with MTV but she would also make her foray as a YouTube video creator so every week she tries to launch a new video clip.

On this last occasion Celia Lora appeared showing off her figure in a cute set Red That made her charms see in action because one thing is to observe him in a photo and another in a video in which by the way she was very well accompanied by a friend and they had an excellent time.

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On this occasion we will tackle a short clip that was one of the funniest and most entertaining parts of Celia’s program in the few seconds of video we can see how the girl gets very excited at the time of recording and jumps making her beauty have movement and her fans were more than shocked.

Celia Lora and her friend were reading the message of a follower of hers who invited her to attend his inn telling her that the cooperation was $ 200 pesos, something that caused her a lot of laughter and that even motivated her to say that they would attend because it would be something too much fun and funny to meet it.

It is very likely that the model will attend the inn because Celia Lora is a fearless girl even in her decisions, so she will surely keep us up to date in case of fulfilling that promise, although surely it was only a joke since she also seeks that everyone who watches the video have a good time and get a chance to have a laugh at your entertainment.

Just last week he was participating in an Azteca program called “Todos Quieren Fama” where he also showed them that he has great energy and attitude on stage, something that we had rarely been able to observe, but thanks to his participation and his interaction with the host Roger González was a great success, like all the programs in which he goes.

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Although many liked it, others more criticized her participation for not having sung excellently, because being the daughter of such a famous rocker they expected a voice of the most intoned and quality, although she ended up surprising with her positive attitude towards the music. adversity that he also forgot some parts of the song he sang.

There is no doubt that Celia Lora will continue to be the center of attention on social networks, although not all Internet users like her presence very much, she knows that there are many more people than pressure and that they enjoy seeing her in various entertainment media.

This is how, with her great personality, Celia Lora has been in charge of dominating social networks and even helping many businesses through her stories, in which she promotes the products she receives from them, something you do without charging a single peso. if receiving enough gift products.

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