Charms as a tigress, Alexa Dellanos wears her new outfit

Charms as a tigress, Alexa Dellanos wears her new outfit | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful American model, Alexa Dellanos, loves to have new clothes and every time she has one of them she shows it off in an incredible way, being as attractive as ever and showing her charms to her fans.

This time it is the beautiful young woman is premiering a set with which he dressed as a tigress, that’s right, it’s a top and animal print pants, stamped as leopard which by the way was very well received by her fans who adore her and who enjoy seeing her in this type of clothing.

The beautiful blonde shares this image in her stories, where she also takes us on her cell phone and shows us a little behind the scenes of what we can see in her publicationsas well as the times you are exercising and doing other activities.

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It should be remembered that the popularity of Alexa Dellanos has grown a lot in recent months and she has been looking to grow her number of followers, doing a lot of publications and entertainment, but moving forward with a somewhat slow pace.

It seems that it is the beautiful daughter of Myrka Dellanos (famous Telemundo presenter) will not stop until she reaches her goal of followers, in fact, she is also boosting her Tik Tok account where she is uploading attractive videos and also some very funny with which she seeks to reach a more public.


Previously Alexa Dellanos also had a YouTube channel, where she posted behind the scenes of photo shoots and her walks as well as some exercise routines and much more content, however, lately she has had it a bit abandoned and has concentrated more in enjoying life because after the world situation learned to value every second.

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It should also be remembered that this year 2020 was very difficult for both her and us and in fact, she suffered from great anxiety and concern thanks to the fact that her mother did not stop attending the studio to record as a good Telemundo presenter and professional that she is.

To this day, Alexa has promised to spend most of her time enjoying the beach, the pool, and walking now that things have calmed down a bit and that she is already much better in her emotional state.

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