WWE WrestleMania 36: Charlotte Flair is the New NXT Women’s Champion

Charlotte Flair wins the female title of WWE NXT after defeating Rhea Ripley in WWE WrestleMania 36. The winner of the Royal Rumble 2020 promised to take the representative title of the NXT yellow mark and managed to do it in the great event.

How was the match?

Bell rings. Charlotte downed Rhea Ripley.

Referee taking. Ripley is shoved to the corner, macheted to the champion’s chest. Ripley kicks Flair’s abdomen hard. Riptide for Flair, 1,2 and Charlotte survives.

Charlotte leaves the ring, Flair returns to the ring and attacks Ripley. The Australian takes Charlotte Flair, cannonball for Flair, out of the ring.

The champion takes control of the fight, Rhea applies a well-executed suplex, the count only reaches 2.

Ripley has Flair imprisoned, however the challenger breaks free. Flair fights back and begins to weaken the champion with kicks.

Charlotte seeks surrender with an inverted padlock at the ankle, the ankle is hit against the canvas. Charlotte lashes the ankle twice against the corner. Rhea hits Flair against the post.

Cripples against Ripley. Invert controls for Flair. Exchange of blows between Flair and Ripley.

Multiple knees to Charlotte’s face. Double flying kick for the challenger. 3 clotheslines for Flair. The challenger takes the opportunity to kick Rhea Ripley’s injured leg.

It would break on the canvas for Flair, the champion climbs the third rope and applies flying kicks, 1,2 and the count only reaches 2.

Flair makes the comeback and takes down with a Cripleada, tries to look for Figure 8, but Rhea reverses it and applies her Trebol padlock !!!!!

The challenger tries a Half Crab, but Rhea reverses the movement and achieves coverage, exchange of coverage between the fighters !!!!

Rhea takes Charlotte over the corner, Ripley weakens Flair with a series of punches, however the champion is knocked down, Flair attempts the reverse somersault but Ripley responds with a double kick.

Spear for the champion and the count only reaches 2.

Flair takes the opportunity to apply her Figure 4, Rhea Ripley holds and hits Flair, however Charlotte makes a bridge to increase the punishment, the champion does not resist and surrenders !!!!!!!!!!

We have a new female NXT champion.

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