Charlotte Caniggia, from Acapulco Shore, shows off her rear in yarn garment

Just unpacked from Argentina, the pampera model and daughter of Claudio Caniggia, the legend of the albiceleste, Charlotte He arrived at the most controversial mansion in all of Mexico by joining the eighth season of the Acapulco Shore reality show, causing a sensation among all the fans of the famous MTV program.

Charlotte is a recognized model in Argentina and is 28 years old. She is the daughter of former Boca Juniors and River Plate player Cluadio ‘Pájaro’ Caniggia and model Mariana Nannis.

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The beautiful Caniggia is much loved on social networks, where she has more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram, a platform where she usually pampers them with tremendous and daring photographs that leave little to the imagination.

Charlotte has participated in several television programs and film projects, highlighting her presence in Bañeros 5: lentos y cargaos, The Island of the Famous, Caniggia libre and Beauty is a form of genius.

The beautiful Argentine model has two more brothers, Kevin Axel and Alexander, the latter was part of the cooking reality show, MasterChef Argentina.

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