Lucifer season 5: is Charlotte about to make her comeback in the series? We give you more details!

Charlotte will she make a comeback in Lucifer season 5? MCE TV gives you more details!

The release of season 5 from Lucifer is scheduled for soon! But fans have to wait a bit longer.

So to make them wait, Netflix don’t hesitate to share new photos of the next episodes of Lucifer. And it arouses the curiosity of fans of the series!

Moreover recently it is a shot of Amenadiel which intrigues them. Indeed it could be that the character comes to seek the devil in hell a little earlier than expected.

Which is also very good news! Besides, according to ComicBookMovie, Lucifer should leave his throne.

Indeed it should find the Earth and its inhabitants as soon as the 5th episode of the season. If her nice brother comes to her rescue, does that mean that bitter too will be part of the plot?

Lucifer: the return of Charlotte?

A few months ago TV Line revealed a photo of Tricia Helfer during the filming of season 5 of Lucifer. The interpreter of the characters of Charlotte and Goddess looked very different.

Following this photo, the fans ask themselves lots of questions! Indeed they wonder what role the actress will play in the Lucifer sequel.

Moreover, according to the actress, neither Charlotte nor the Devil’s mother will be back in the 5th season of Lucifer. But what role will she play then?

Tricia Helfer says she will play a whole new character. She therefore confirms that neither Charlotte nor the mother of the devil will be back.

She is all the same happy to find the film set of the series. “I think you’re going to love the episode. »Confides the young actress.

“Kevin [Alejandro, qui joue Dan] made me laugh so much during one scene that I almost peed in my pants! »Even reveals the young woman! We can’t wait to discover it all.

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