Charlize Theron and the creators of ‘It’ work on a horror series for HBO Max

‘The Final Girl Support Group’ is the title of the new horror novel written by Grady Hendrix, an author who has become a true bestseller in the United States. And, despite the fact that said book has just been launched, according to Deadline, HBO Max would already be preparing a series based on its plot that would feature actress Charlize Theron in the production. And is that Theron is one of those responsible for setting up this project by the hand of his production company Denver & Delilah Films.

However, the actress who won an Oscar for ‘Monster’ will not be alone in the production of this new series for HBO Max, but in this Also taking part will be Andy Muschietti, director of the two installments of ‘It’, and his wife Barbara Muschietti, also producer of these two films, among others. Both will be in charge of the production of the project from the hand of Double Dream, its production company. Additionally, Andy Muschietti has been confirmed as director of the series pilot. This duo is also behind, along with their aforementioned production company, the next film ‘The Flash’ whose premiere is scheduled for next year.

The original novel from which this next series is based is set in the city of Los Angeles and has six ‘final girls’ as protagonists. They go to a therapeutic support group after their experiences as survivors of authentic massacres and mass murders, which have later inspired all those sagas and franchises of the slasher subgenre that originated in the 80s and 90s. This is the story that tells the Grady Hendrix novel and focuses on how these women They struggle to overcome such horrible experiences and to get past the traumas of the past.

His latest novel ‘Book Club Guide to Killing Vampires’ was sold to Amazon Studios and the author will also be in charge of the adaptation of another of his novels, ‘Horrorstör’ for New Republic and Aperture Enterteinment, a production company that will also take part in this ‘The Final Girl Support Group’ for HBO Max.

Successful producer

The adaptation of this bestselling novel It is not the only project in which Charlize Theron is currently immersed with his production company Denver & Delilah Films. The actress has also collaborated again with director Niki Caro, who previously directed her in ‘En tierra de Hombres’, to make a new film based on a true story. This one will tell the story of a series of female surfers who fight for their right to be able to compete in major championships, in the same way as male surfers.

This project is based on an article published in the New York Times Magazines titled “The Fight For Gender Equality In One of the Most Dangerous Sports on Earth” and is still in an early stage of production. Along with this project, Theron will also be in charge of producing the sequel to ‘Atomic’ still without a release date.

We see, therefore, how the actress is becoming a prolific producer over the years, in parallel to his career as an interpreter with numerous future projects to be released in the coming years, to which is added this new series ‘The Final Girl Support Group’ for HBO Max, of which little more details are known at the moment.

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