Charli XCX: We wish you Happy Birthday !!

Today we want to celebrate the birthday of the beautiful and talented Charli XCX! We are sure that like us you are happy with this news, so we will tell you all the details here in Music News!

Charlotte Emma Aitchison better known in the artistic milieu as Charli XCX, today 2 August is celebrating its birthday! She is a talented singer and songwriter and has also ventured into the audiovisual world, since she is a director of music videos and is also a talented British producer, all this at her young age.

The reality is that on a day like today, August 2, but in 1992, Charli XCX was born, with only 29 years old she has done and achieved everything that we already mentioned before, she was born in England.

Some of his famous songs have been, “Boys”, “After the Afterparty”, “Boom Clap”, he has achieved successful albums such as, “XCX World”, “How I’m Feeling Now” in 2020, “Pop 2 ”, In 2017,“ Sucker ”in 2014, among many others.

It was presented on Thursday June 2 at Parque del Forum, “Sant Adriá de Besòs, Spain” among other presentations and performance.

Well, today is the birthday of this talented singer and we present you some curiosities.

Charli XCX started uploading her songs to her My Space account when she was just 14 years old! Since she was little she has shown to be very persistent with her dreams. He has a knack towards the interior design part! In fact, in her home she created an area that is inspired by the 70’s.

She loves walls, and among other secrets, her feminist fans were the reason why she launched herself into directing her own video clips!

Definitely a whole case of cuteness that indicates and teaches us that dreams can come true.

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