Charles Leclerc positive for coronavirus

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has tested positive for coronavirus. He is experiencing mild symptoms and has quarantined himself at his home in Monaco.

And five! After Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll and Lewis Hamilton in 2020 and Lando Norris last week, it is Charles Leclerc who has added his name to the list of Formula 1 drivers affected by the coronavirus. The 23-year-old driver and his team, Ferrari, announced this Thursday afternoon. ” Hi everyone. I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know that I tested positive for covid-19. I am regularly tested, as required by my team’s protocol. Unfortunately, I learned that I had been in contact with a positive person, I immediately went into isolation, and notified those I had contact with. My test turned out positive. I feel good, with mild symptoms. I will remain in solitary confinement at home in Monaco as required by the rules of the local authorities. Stay healthy and take care of yourself, ”wrote the Monegasque on his Twitter account.

The season won’t start for two and a half months

Fortunately for him, not only are his symptoms mild but he will not miss a Grand Prix, which was not the case for Perez (two races missed), Stroll and Hamilton (one race missed). The start of the season has also been postponed by one week on Tuesday, since it is Bahrain which will host the kick-off of the 2021 exercise on March 28, and not Australia on the 21st (Melbourne will have to wait until November to organize its Grand Prix). Charles Leclerc therefore has plenty of time to recover from this virus before preparing for the future season, which he hopes will be better than the 2020 season. The one who won the first two races of his career behind the wheel of Ferrari in 2019 is not mounted on only two podiums last season (2nd in Austria, 3rd in Great Britain) and only finished eighth in the drivers’ standings.