Charles Barkley has rekindled Michael Jordan. In The Last Dance we see how both players maintained a great friendship relationship during the nineties, being partners in the Barcelona 92 ​​Dream Team and playing numerous golf games together. However, his idyll fell apart a few years ago, when Barkley, already a TNT analyst, criticized the signings that MJ was making in Charlotte. Since then, they have not spoken.

Now, last but not least, Barkley has attacked Jordan again in a recent interview, something that surely does not improve his already non-existent relationship.

During his appearance on ESPN radio, Barkley talked about one of the facets of MJ in The Last Dance, that of intimidating rivals: “We see Michel as the greatest competitor in history. It is wonderful to play against him. And you can see that Sometimes he acts like a bully. It gives us an opportunity to see something different. ”

On this aspect of abuse, Barkley assures that what Jordan did was to choose well against whom he could go, that he did not go against players who he knew were not going to be scared:

You know Jordan selected the ones he was going to chase, right? He knew who to choose. Michael is wonderful, but there are certain guys you can’t treat like that. You have to know which guys you can treat badly and they will accept it. Yell at everyone and hit them all the time? Come on, man. There are certain guys who would yell at you if you tried to do that. He selected. I mean Scott Burrell and Steve Kerr … There’s nothing more to say. “