Charity gift for Mother’s Day: CRIS bracelet and necklace

The family of a child who overcame leukemia pays tribute to Natural Killer, the cell that kills cancer.

Five years ago, when he was 9, Noah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Thanks to the research and good work of the team of the CRIS Unit for Research and Advanced Therapies in Childhood Cancer of Hospital La Paz, led by Dr. Antonio Pérez, Noé will turn 14 this year.

In gratitude for the great work of this team, Noé’s mother, Natalia, wanted to support the research projects in childhood cancer carried out by CRIS against cancer by creating a jewel of solidarity. “Ours is just one more story and the goal of CRIS against cancer is to be successful in 100% of the cases. With great affection we have designed the CRIS Jewel, with which we can all help in this fight by giving research and hope ”, says Natalia, Noé’s mother. There are two models, bracelet and necklace.

NK cell

The jewel represents a type of cell of the immune system, the NK (Natural Killer) cell, the protagonist of some of the most emblematic therapies of the CRIS research groups against cancer, especially the CRIS Research Unit in hematological tumors of Hospital 12 de Octubre and the CRIS Unit for Research on Advanced Therapies in Childhood Cancer. In this way, Noah’s family wants to represent hope on the path to a cure for cancer by choosing an NK cell. These are specialized in the detection and destruction of any cell that presents abnormal characteristics, such as virus-infected cells and tumor cells.

Both CRIS units against cancer are pioneers in Spain in the use of this type of cells in patients as reinforcements when fighting cancer in patients. They are the cells that were used in the first trials of Dr. Antonio Pérez’s cell therapy to treat children like Noé, with acute leukemia or who do not respond to any treatment.

Today, both groups are working to improve Natural Killer therapies, and they are applying the most cutting-edge advances to reach a greater number of patients and make them more effective and safe.

“Therefore, the Natural Killer treatment has grown as CRIS has done against cancer and they represent who we are today. From an initial promise, they have become a reality with the potential to change cancer treatment and the lives of patients ”, explains Marta Cardona, director of CRIS against cancer and adds:“ I want to express my great gratitude to Natalia and Noé for launching this initiative, which are what enable CRIS to continue investigating, life research ”.

In gratitude for the research, this family has created a silver bracelet and necklace, the proceeds of which will be donated to the childhood cancer projects carried out by CRIS against cancer:

The jewels can be purchased at the following link:

About CRIS against cancer

The CRIS foundation against cancer is an independent, non-profit organization born 10 years ago and exclusively dedicated to the promotion and development of research to end cancer. It is currently funding 13 adult and pediatric cancer research projects in Spain, France and the United Kingdom. It also has powerful calls to promote the careers of brilliant researchers in centers of excellence, with a scholarship program for training researchers in institutions of great international prestige and recently launched the CRIS Covid and Cancer Research Fund ( ) to finance three extraordinary projects related to both diseases, increasing its commitment to the pandemic without neglecting its main commitment to cancer research.