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Whether it is to go camping or to any place where the electricity supply is not guaranteed or for some emergency use in our house, for example power outages, the truth is that more and more people are purchasing power generators. However, they are not all the same: influences its capacity, its charging versatility and even the number of ports it has. On this occasion, we are going to talk about BLUETTI, a brand with a long tradition in the development of this type of device and that, on this occasion, presents the PowerOak BLUETTI AC200P, a charging station with up to 2,000 Wh capacity. Let’s go to see her.

The load capacity is the key because, based on it, we will be able to know what type of devices we want to connect. Maybe a headlamp, a fan or a mini fridge… They all need a charging station powerful enough to supply them efficiently.

Inside this PowerOak BLUETTI AC200P we see a Lithium battery pack, specifically LiFePO4 of high efficiency and with a capacity of 2,000Wh / 540 Ah. Enough to supply a large number of electronic devices and also simultaneously.

Utilization and delivery of cargo

Depending on the mode and the device that we connect, the power generator behaves in one way or another. For example, in the simplest use of the generator, charging mobile phones or tablets, the number of uses is enormous.

To get an idea and compare it for example with the battery of a high-end smartphone and with a capacity of 5,000 mAh, lhe PowerOak BLUETTI AC200P charging station BLUETTI AC200P reaches 166,000 mAh. An atrocity.

As for ports, it is perhaps its strongest aspect. It has two AC outlets of 220-240 V (the usual plug we have in our homes), 2 DC outlets of 12V / 3A, 1 DC 12V / 10A (the same port we usually find in cars), 1 DC12 / 25A for motorhomes, and then several smaller ports, such as the 4 USB A, a USB-C port with a maximum power of 60W, two sockets for wireless charging, with a power of 15W. What’s more It is compatible with fast charging systems so if our smartphone is compatibleIt is the same charging process that we do at home.

The generator and its batteries are prepared to allow charging of up to 13 devices simultaneously, as long as they do not exceed 2000W, of course.

Recharge: solar station and current

The second most important aspect when we talk about electric generators is the way in which the batteries can be recharged. In the case of AC200P, it can be recharged by connecting to a regular household outlet or by using solar panels. Even if we are away from home, we can also use the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle.

As for charging hours, from BLUETTI they establish that if we charge it in a wall socket, we will need between 3 and a half and four hours; If we do it using solar panels it is 3.5 hours and if we connect it to the car’s cigarette lighter, it goes up to 9 hours.

The fact that it can be recharged using solar panels is something that is very useful if we are not at home, for example if we go camping.

When buying the PowerOak BLUETTI AC200P we will receive, in addition to the generator, several current adapters compatible with the power supply that we use so we will never be left without the option to charge it.

Design, size and weight

With a charging station of these features, the logical thing would be to think that we are facing a large and heavy device. However, although it is still large and of considerable weight, BLUETTI’s efficiency when designing this PowerOak BLUETTI AC200P has led it to weigh only 57 pounds, or what is the same, just over 25 kilos. Obviously it is not a device that can and should be moving continuously, but it does make it much easier to transport it in case we have to.

In terms of measurements, it has dimensions of 40cm x 38cm x 28cm and although it is much smaller than other charging stations, it is recommended to transport between two people or, if only one person does it, do it in the correct way to let your back not suffer.

Also in terms of design, It is worth highlighting its LCD screen, which shows aspects such as the loading speed at all times, the energy it is receiving (if it is recharging the battery), or the ambient temperature, a fundamental aspect to control if we are outdoors.

Finally, the distribution of the output ports are all located on the front and the two wireless charging stations at the top. All this to facilitate access at all times.

Safety: fan and temperature control

At the safety level, the charging station is built to be resistant to shocks or, for example, to shocks if we leave it in the trunk of a car. In addition, all its ports have a cover to avoid damage, for example if a little water splashes on it.

During use, we will also have an instant control of the temperature of the charging station. As soon as it exceeds 45º, a mechanism is activated that reduces the loading speed. This, added to its automatic fan, prevents it from overheating, both the charging station and the connected devices.

In summary. If you are the kind of person who likes to be prepared in any situation, but who also enjoys traveling to places where access to electricity is not easy, with the PowerOak BLUETTI AC200P charging station it’s as if you could take the plugs from your house anywhere. And if you add solar energy charging functionality on top, it becomes an essential device.

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