Charges of water huachicoleros in Magdalena Contreras are evidenced

According to the agency DarkroomIn Magdalena Contreras, up to 10,000 pesos are paid as a starting fee plus the hose roll and installation material for a drinking water intake which comes from a natural water spring which, according to residents of the area, is protected by a group of ejidatarios.

After the first payment, a monthly fee of 500 to 800 pesos is established for throwing water at connected people once a week for a period of 40 minutes.

The huachicoleo of water is a “historical problem”. In 2019, Excelsior evidenced the existence of the problem of the water “huachicoleo” carried out by neighborhood groups and assured that he is fighting it.

The inhabitants of colonies in the upper zone, such as Tierra Colorada, in addition to facing water shortages, must pay those who have control of the springs to extract the liquid.

At that time it was indicated that neighbors are charged 50 pesos to fill their containers at dawn so that they can cover their basic needs.

Neighbors consulted indicated that the cheapest fees are, 50 pesos but there are also 100 and even 200 pesos to bring water to homes.

The lack of drinking water is a constant problem in the neighborhoods located in the highest parts, where at least 100,000 of the 250,000 inhabitants that have the mayor’s office live. And the problem continues …


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