Can you imagine charging your mobile wirelessly and remotely? Huawei could bring us closer to the future.

Huawei is working on a technology that can do our life something simpler. One of his latest patents talks about a futuristic laser technology that would be able to charge devices remotely.

It would be enough to enter a room in which these lasers were installed to see how the battery of our smartphone rises, almost by magic. Could it be the beginning of the end for cables? Huawei itself has published a video where he tells us some of its characteristics.

At least for now, we need docks to charge wirelessly.

This could be the future of wireless charging

Huawei begins the video by alluding to a reality that practically all of us live every day. Chargers can be a nuisance, we have many around the house and the dance of cables is annoying on many occasions.

Its technology would free us from all this, with a laser system that would hit multiple devices simultaneously. Having one at home we would not go out again without enough battery.

According to the plans of the Chinese firm, these laser devices could be installed in a room to charge from afar all terminals at your fingertips. Among the compatible devices we would not find only smartphones, also tablets, laptops and many others.

To this day we do not know more about this technology, it doesn’t even have a name. The patent allows Huawei to record its authorship, but we may have to wait long enough to see a real prototype.

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