Characters that were almost played by Brad Pitt

There were many roles that were meant to be his, but that ultimately, for one thing or another, could not be. Do you want to know what they are?

Could the most iconic psychopath in the world be played by someone other than Christian bale? Pitt was found as a first choice in the original version of ‘American psycho‘but failed.

The interpreter confessed to having rejected “The Matrix“. “I took the red pill,” he revealed, referring to the mythical scene of Neo and Morpheus. “I rejected the Matrix, is the only thing I will say. They didn’t offer me the second or the third, only the first.

The movie “Heathers“It was quite well known in its day and has Winona Ryder in the main cast. Pitt auditioned, a role that eventually ended up in the hands of Christian slater.

Can we not imagine another face other than that of Matt Damon on Jason bourne? Clearly not. But, a fun fact is that Brad Pitt almost played it.

Almost Famous‘. The role of Russell Hammond was originally written for Pitt, although he ended up rejecting it and ended up playing Billy Crudup.

Brad said no to star ‘Apollo 13‘to be able to shoot’ Seven ‘. Tom Hanks he kept the paper.

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