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Xiaomi launches new completely wireless headphones and they arrive with some of the features of its most premium model, the FlipBuds Pro, at a much more competitive price. They are the new Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 Pro, the advanced version of the Redmi headphones presented a few months ago.

These are the characteristics of the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 Pro, a ‘true wireless’ headset with active noise cancellation, autonomy of up to 28 hours through its charging box and a low latency mode designed for gamers.

Data sheet of the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 Pro

Size and weight

Headphone: 25.4 x 20.3 x 21.3mm and 4.9g.
Box: 65 x 48 x 26 mm and 55 g.


35 mAh, 6 hours autonomy on one charge (no cancellation)
470 mAh, 28 hours total with box (no cancellation)
Qi wireless charging


Bluetooth 5.2




Active noise cancellation 35 dB
Latency 69 ms


349 yuan (45 euros to change)

Noise cancellation up to 35 dB and transparency mode

Xiaomi Airdots

The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3 Pro arrive with active noise cancellation of up to 35 dB and three speeds. Thanks to its triple microphone system, they can be adjusted in three levels. The first is the noise cancellation in depth, to try to cancel out the most powerful noises. A second level is that of balanced, designed for interiors. Finally there is the slight noise reduction mode, for relaxed environments.

These Xiaomi headphones also feature a transparency mode that allows certain sounds to pass through, like conversations with other people. This noise reduction will also apply to phone calls.

Xiaomi Airdots 3Xiaomi Airdots 3

The headphone box offers 470 mAh, enough to promise an autonomy of about 28 hours. The headphones by themselves last about six theoretical hours.

The design of the box opens vertically and the appearance is similar to other models of the brand. On this occasion it is added Qi wireless charging.

The body of the Redmi AirDots 3 Pro is splash resistant with IPX4 protection and supports gesture control.


For sound, the Redmi AirDots 3 Pro incorporate a 9mm driver. Finally, to improve latency, it incorporates a special mode for games that promises to reduce latency to about 69 seconds.

Versions and price of the Redmi AirDots 3 Pro

At the moment the new Redmi AirDots 3 Pro are available in China at a price of 349 yuan, about 45 euros at direct exchange. Although, as usual in the Chinese manufacturer, a promotional launch price is offered for about 299 yuan, about 38 euros to change. A very economical cost for what they technically offer. We will update with the availability and price when they are announced in Spain and other countries.

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