Both the players and the other Chapecoense employees went through one of the fundamental steps of the security protocol in the last week thinking about returning to activities: testing for the presence of COVID-19 in the body.

Photo: Márcio Cunha / ACF

Photo: Lance!

Fortunately, according to official information from Verdão do Oeste, there was no positive case for the presence of the new coronavirus.

While the players did a more detailed character test (RT-PCR) and with immediate result through the partnership with one of the club’s sponsors, the other employees underwent a different quick test, but with a result that is also ready on the same day.

– Our role is to make the return safer and minimize the risks of bringing the virus into our group, which is a closed group, a single group, in which we have control of people, control of who attends and who will be in touch. This is the first step, the part of testing all members and knowing if anyone has had contact with the virus – said Dr. Vinícius Mendonça, a participant in the athlete testing process, on Chape’s official website.

Doctor Fabiano Winckler was present in the testing of employees, warning that there will be a special treatment of the situation in the resumption of training in the sense of constant monitoring of all those who have access to the Training Center.

– With the resumption of training, our care – which will be guided by the protocol created by CBF – is to check the temperature of all those who accessed the CT and other club facilities and in the case of athletes, in particular, it will be carried out a questionnaire daily. Depending on the answer, we may have to repeat the tests, because nobody is free to be negative today, but have contact with the virus tomorrow and be positive during the week – he explained.

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