In addition to music, Chantal Goya tried her hand at cinema in her youth. The interpreter of Bécassine has indeed agreed to play in Jean-Luc Godard’s film, “Masculin, Féminin”. A traumatic shoot, if we are to believe the singer’s recent statements in the columns of the Parisian.

Chantal Goya had the privilege of touring with the great Jean-Luc Godard, towards the end of the 1960s. While she had just met Jean-Jacques Debout, who would become her husband and propel her career, the children’s singer s ‘is tried in figuration. Noticed on television by the famous director, she was asked to play the role of Madeleine, in the film Masculin, Féminin, released in theaters in 1966.

Chantal Goya recalled on July 28, during an interview with Le Parisien:

Cinema, like music, was not planned. I said yes to please.

Singular conditions

However, Chantal Goya keeps a bad memory of this experience in the cinema. While she had set limits: “No way I kiss or turn naked”, Jean-Luc Godard obviously did not hear that ear. The latter would have tried several times to make him change his mind, using more than questionable methods. He would have liked to persuade her:

Godard told me: “If you don’t get naked, you’ll never be a star. “

Vain words that will not have succeeded in making flinch the one who has been accused of fraud, who even quipped:

I replied: “I already have one at home and it’s a washing machine”.

The film, which is not really a masterpiece, met with mixed reception but nevertheless contributed to the talk of Chantal Goya, even if she would have done well without it:

There are posters with my photo and the title: “Are these horrible little French girls your daughters?” “. At night, I drive to Boulevard Saint-Germain to tear them up.

Little scalded by this experience, the wife of Jean-Jacques Debout told the daily that she had however agreed to go back to the cameras. She subsequently toured with Pierre Tchernia or Philippe Labro:

I had a lot of requests but I act more interested in pizzas than in Italian directors. I don’t regret anything, I never look back. I believe this is my strength. Like that, I move forward.