Channel Standard: Investments in Presales

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Invest in real estate during the pre-sales stage It is an advantageous process since the property is obtained during the construction phase at a discount to the final market sale value, which guarantees that the operation obtains capital gain.

The projects where there are pre-sales opportunities are large-scale projects so it is important to make a developer history review since generally, these projects are financed with the same pre-sales and if their administration is not adequate, the terms to finish the construction could be lengthened in such a way that the deliveries reduce the investment returns and the short-term capital gains.

Some investors buy pre-sale properties and then sell the property when the development is completed. They absorb the construction risk cwith the developer during the pre-sales stage. This creates liquidity for them.

Some investors buy properties in pre-sales for the discount in price to later generate rents and achieve a better market capitalization. The capital gain does not affect the liquidity of the investor who only seeks to obtain income; This would only happen if you achieve an exit strategy or sell your property.

There are many property competition in pre-sale in our country. It is important to know the developer, the market where we are investing, the location and the type of developments.

Lately, they are looking for sustainable mixed-use communities where the inhabitants can have access not only to housing but also to commerce, health, education, among others. This is important since said interconnectivity of the communities guarantees successful developments in social and economic matters. The “Smart developments” They are those that have interconnectivity technologies so that users can have a better quality of life in their homes and living areas.

In abstractPre-sale, buying homes is a great form of investment on any scale. However, it is important to review the details I just discussed so that such investment is prosperous and profitable.

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