Discovery is present in more than 220 countries around the world, including a good part of Latin America

If the alliance with Multimedios bears good results, the companies are willing to extend their collaboration in the future

Likewise, the content portfolio is expected to provide advertisers with a brand safety guarantee for their campaigns.

Despite being remarkably different markets, each one with its own challenges and certain very clear business advantages, Open TV and Pay TV also share common problems. Two of the most important in recent years have been both the loss of audience to digital channels, and the decline in advertising investment caused by the current pandemic. But if the Discovery and Multimedios alliance indicates anything, it is that they are open to joining forces and moving forward.

Through a statement, the Paga and Abierta TV brands respectively announced a new agreement for part of their content portfolio. Through this agreement, Discovery will broadcast part of its emblematic global programs on the multimedia channels. Specifically, part of the offer of the Home & Health and Investigation segments is expected to be shown on Channel 6 daily. This will start from the second week of September.

According to the Discovery statement, its Home & Health programs will air Monday through Saturday in the evening. On the other hand, the Investigation segment will occupy the nightly block of every Sunday, with suspense and mystery programs. Specifically, it is expected that the Wedding Dress and Cake Boss series will be shown for the midweek segment. For its part, Red de Lies will be the content chosen for the seventh day.

An important alliance between Open and Pay TV in Discovery-Multimedios

Regarding this new association with Multimedios, Miguel Cárdenas, general director of Discovery Mexico, said that the alliance responds to the continuous goal of expanding the brand. In an interview with Merca2.0, he reaffirmed that his specific objective is to leverage the reach of Channel 6 to bring the Home & Health and Investigation brands to new audiences and people. At the same time, it also responds to its objective by continuing to offer quality content to Mexico:

Discovery’s position in the market is very strong, thanks to having an abundance of quality content, strong ratings, and well-positioned brands. The real life content is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. They are part of our secret formula, and we firmly believe that people long to see these authentic experiences to connect with others. We want to inspire people to pursue their passions and live their life fully.

Related Notes

This announcement from Discovery and Multimedios is not the only thing that has been made known about Open and Pay TV in Mexico that promises to give a boost to both industries. For example, the remote classes have allowed to lift the actions of several leaders in this sector. A couple of days ago, TV Azteca revealed a digital remote contact platform with its clients. In other countries, there has also been a significant investment in technological tools.

About business alliances

It is also not uncommon for companies that could be considered rivals to take advantage of their synergies to try to offer new content, in the style of Discovery and Multimedia. For example, AT&T and Google teamed up in 2019 to offer professional cloud tools. Volkswagen, a couple of months ago, invited other automakers to join forces against Tesla. For their part, Dish and Amazon teamed up in Mexico to offer Prime subscriptions.

Business alliances such as Discovery and Multimedios are particularly beneficial for both parties, if they know how to take advantage of them. For example, according to Chron, it helps each of the association’s members reach new markets and segments. Powerlinx ensures that you can also grow faster, but with lower costs. And in Sign World information, it provides natural resistance to times or times of uncertainty.