On the occasion of the resumption of reality TV Les Anges 12, Cloé Cooper, the fashionista with 487,000 subscribers on Instagram, confided exclusively to StarMag. We let you listen to his interview at the top of the article.

Emblematic candidate for season 12 of Angels, Cloé Cooper is also a seasoned fashion influencer. It is on Instagram that she shares her DNA 2.0 and her taste for pretty pieces. Exclusively for StarMag, this expert in social networks answered our interview without filter! The opportunity to talk about his new romance with Sébastien, his relationship with his ex Virgil, his opinion on his rival Chani as well as his new post-reality TV projects.

“People really like to react to the episodes and to my new couple”

Followed by nearly 487,000 subscribers on Instagram, Cloé caused a lot of reaction on the web after the broadcast of each episode, especially because of her ex Virgil who started a new relationship with Chani in the Angels 12. A hard blow for the youngster woman who has received many messages of support on the web:

I get a lot of private messages of support after the episodes air. Honestly, I receive around 100 messages a day, 90 of which are in which people tell me that I’m much better with Sébastien, that they’re happy that I’ve moved on, that I’ve found someone good, that is. is incomparable.

“Chani is someone very worried about her image”

The beautiful Cloé also evokes the tensions with her rival Chani. Indeed, Chani also appears to be a rising star of reality TV. And it seems that she is making more and more followers on the web, in particular for “her spontaneity”. An argument refuted by Cloé which balances on the candidate:

Chani is someone very worried about her image, I wouldn’t call it spontaneity contrary to popular belief. She was constantly asking the advice of former candidates as to what she needed to do to get noticed.

She continues:

Chani was always saying, “I want to be the star of the program. What do I need to do to get followers? “. Unlike me, where people see me a lot in spite of myself because it was a complicated situation to live, it is still much sought after …

You will understand the beautiful Cloé does not have her tongue in her pocket.

“Today I found love”

After finally mourning her chaotic relationship with Virgil, Cloé finally opened her heart to another inhabitant. And it’s about Sébastien, the breakdancer of the season with whom she seems happier than ever for 9 months:

I fell for Sébastien physically from the start, he was a good boy, cute and quite discreet. But I was still way too attached to my relationship with Virgil before I took an interest in him. It took a long time and it was towards the end of the adventure that I fell in love with him. We were also cut off in full swing …

Cloé seems finally appeased and ready to start other projects:

Today I found love, I am well in my relationship and it’s true that reality TV is no longer a priority for me.

His radical decision on reality TV

During a recent question and answer session on Instagram, Cloé let her followers know that she would like to quit reality TV to become a blogger. Excluding, for StarMag, she returned to her new professional goal:

Reality TV is a very special environment that also sends a powerful image and that we tend to keep for years. And I want to get away from it as much as possible to invest myself more as a fashion blogger and influencer.

She also told us that she created a small circle of influencers / YouTubers during season 12 of Angels:

I am a big fan of the sisters Rania and Rawell who will soon arrive on the adventure we get along really well and they have the status of influencer bloggers rather than reality TV candidates. I really like their instagram account as well as that of Océane.

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