Changing your password in Chrome will be much easier with this great Google tool

Changing your compromised passwords will be easier than ever in Google Chrome.

How many passwords have you memorized throughout your life? What if the email account, the bank account, all your social networks (which are not few), Amazon, Netflix and so on infinitely.

One of the biggest mistakes that users make is that of use the same password for everything. The alternative, either learn all the passwords by heart or use one of the password managers that we can download from the Google application store.

Luckily and from now on, changing our passwords in Google Chrome will be much easier than ever. It will no longer be necessary to log in, go to configuration and modify the password, but now everything can be done from the comfort of our browser.

Google will allow us to change our passwords quickly and easily

Changing passwords with Google Chrome will be really easy

As we are informed from the official Google blog, one of the next changes to Chrome will be to be able to change our passwords in one step thanks to a powerful integrated password manager.

Once the Mountain View browser itself –the most used browser in the world– detects that one of our passwords has been compromised, we will see a “Change password” button that, as its name indicates, It will facilitate us to be able to modify the password for a more secure one instantly.

This function will be limited to only the web pages compatible with this tool. However, if Chrome detects a compromised password on an unsupported web portal, it will also help us to choose a new.

This tool is being gradually implemented in Chrome for Android to all those users who synchronize their passwords in the browser. Of course Americans will be the first to enjoy it and little by little it will reach the rest of the countries.

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