Although there are many Windows 10 customization options, it does not natively allow you to change the wallpaper based on time or day. You can modify it as many times as you want, but to resort to this trick or design, you must resort to third-party applications, although totally free and very interesting. You won’t have to pay for them and They will allow you many functions.


Chameleon is one of the best tools if you want to change the Windows 10 wallpaper depending on the time, day, humidity, battery, wind … It is an open source application that you can download on Github free of charge and that allows us to customize it to the maximum The Windows 10 screen with its own images but also has a selection of backgrounds that we can use.

Although it is not the only one, it is one of the easiest and most intuitive options to use. Once you download it, you can choose the category:

Do not change According to battery According to weather According to meteorological conditions According to wind speed According to temperature According to humidity According to temperature index

Once you have chosen, you can choose the number of seconds or minutes that you want to cool off. Also here you can see the images you want to use as wallpapers and you can add the ones you want. You can upload yours or choose the ones included in Chameleon by default.

WinDynamic Desktop

Chameleon is the most intuitive but not the only option and WinDynamicDesktop allows Windows 10 wallpapers to be modified according to the time of day. Unlike the previous one, it does not allow you to choose between several options but only the time of day since the light and shadows of the wallpaper will change.

Can Download WinDynamic Desktop from Github And you can automatically give him access to your location and tell him exactly where you live so that he can control the schedules and changes: you can establish an exact location or choose a city, country, etc. You have to choose one of the three different themes that WinDynamic Desktop allows you: an island, a desert or a sky. Each of the collections has 16 different photographs depending on the time of day that will change as the day progresses and the light that falls on the background will be modified, adapting.

From the settings you can choose how often you want it to change or specify what time it is dawn and what time it is sunset regardless of your location. Once you have it configured, it will automatically change.


Wallpaper Change Sheduler

Another program that allows you to change the Windows 10 wallpaper is Wallpaper Change Shceduler, a program that has 24 wallpapers designed for each day and that will allow us to configure the style, the hours, etc. It is a free program that you can download to your computer and that allows you to choose when wallpaper is automatically changed If you are bored having always the same but you do not want to be aware of changing between them.

Unlike some of the above, you can have daily or weekly schedules or that it changes when you log in or when you move the mouse. You can configure the hours, upload your own wallpapers or choose the ones that already include.

Wallpaper Change Sheduler - Windows 10 Wallpaper