« Heaven is your playground ». With this suggestive phrase, ‘Magic Sky Camera’ is promoted, a free application for iOS with which we can change the sky of any photograph for the GIF or video that we want.

As you can see in the presentation video, its operation could not be easier. After having captured a photo, this app will be in charge of transforming the sky into a huge chroma on which to project animated images or videos.

« Welcome to post-reality! »

One of its strong points is that has the gigantic GIPHY database integrated, in which we can find millions of GIFs with a simple search. Matthieu Lorrain, creator of this app, claims that inspiration came to him in full confinement:

« We had the idea for Magic Sku during the confinement in New York, after realizing how valuable it was to be able to venture (safely) abroad. »

That means if you are tired of always seeing the same sky from your windowThanks to machine learning you will be able to dissect the sky and import content, « thus opening unlimited creative possibilities ».

The truth is that it works very well, and it is the perfect tool to create small clips that can be shared on social networks (especially if you have been abusing the same panorama over and over again).

It is completely free and its creator assures that if « there is enough traction » by iOS users, an Android version will soon arrive.


Change the sky of your photos by GIFs or videos thanks to this free app for iOS