Change the color of your car with the new liquid vinyls

MyCarsFirst brings to Europe a product to quickly and economically change the color of your car’s rims with a liquid vinyl: Superwrap.

May 13, 2021 (14:10 CET)

Change the color of your car rims easily and cheaply with Superwrap.Change the color of your car rims easily and cheaply with Superwrap.

Few drivers consider changing the color of their vehicle, either because they do not think it is necessary, because it seems expensive or simply because they have never considered it. On the other hand, the rims have always been one of the elements of the car that gives the most play when it comes to customizing or giving a different touch to the aesthetics of the vehicle. Now, put together these last two ideas that I have presented to you: change the color of your car rims.

From the United States, a solution to change the color of the rims of your vehicle quickly and cheaply. Is named Superwrap and it is a liquid vinyl that gives color to the tires, guaranteeing a duration of two years without losing color or finish. If you get tired of that color, you can remove it like any other adhesive and repaint the rims in another color.

SuperwrapSuperwrap is offered in more than 25 colors and 3 different finishes.

The online company MyCarsFirst, specialist in products for the cleaning, care and detailing of the vehicle, offers us this revolutionary product. Superwrap it is offered in more than 25 colors in three different finishes: enough with spray the liquid vinyl onto the rim to give your car a different touch, “very close to the finishes and the smoothness of the paint,” say the creators of the product.

Apart from this aesthetic function, Superwrap is also offered as a solution to avoid scratches, scratches by stones, gravel … That is, with a tire protection function. It is currently sold for Spain on the MyCarsFirts website at a price of 15.95 euros. In the next video You will see the creators of Superwrap explaining how this liquid vinyl is applied to the wheels of your car.

So you can change the color of the rims of your car with Superwrap.


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