The more you have the more you want and this makes special sense in competitive animals like Serena Williams. The American is concerned with the progress of the coronavirus, understanding that the wimbledon 202 suspension0 greatly damages their interests and puts at risk the celebration of the US Open 2020. For a tennis player her age and condition, the opportunities are less and less and each Grand Slam must be faced as the last. The accumulation of disappointments in recent events has generated a residue of concern in a woman who set herself the legendary goal of adding one more title that would allow her to equal Margaret Court as the most successful player in history. Although she does not need it to be considered the best in history, her perseverance is infinite but John Fitzgerald, Former Australian player, former Davis Cup captain of his country’s team and once world number 1 in doubles, consider that the American will not be able to put the icing on her career.

“It has been a while with serious difficulties to win the important matches. He suffers against the best and has been unable to display his best tennis in the finals he has played,” said the 59-year-old Australian. “I do not pretend to be disrespectful to her, I think that the normal thing would be that with 38 years the opportunities to win a tournament like that go down a lot in each new event played. The suspension of Wimbledon can make Serena perceive as impossible to add another title, and it seems to me that it is so. At her age, you always need some rhythm to get in top shape to the most important tournaments, being stopped for so long is going to be lethal, “he comments in words collected by TheAge.

Questioned about the relative importance that should be given to the possibility of winning or not another title, John Fitzgerald is forceful. “Based on all she has accomplished, I think she is undoubtedly the best in modern history. It is curious that she is suffering and demanding so much of herself for winning another title that will allow her to equal Margaret Court. I think she should to rethink that objective, perhaps it is not a priority, and I extend that reflection to the case of Roger Federer“says the Australian in some very interesting statements that deserve to be internalized. It is likely that the relative importance of another title is being overstated by Serena Williams, whose legend is already untouchable.