Chancellor Ebrard makes working visits to Italy and France


The head of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard make a working visit to Italy and France, with the objective of participating in multilateral forums, in which the main economies of the world are represented.

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“The purpose of the tour is to promote a collective solution to common challenges, including attention to the pandemic and economic recovery after it,” reported the SRE.

In Italy, on June 28 and 29, the Chancellor will participate in the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting, in which it will establish the position and vision of Mexico on the need to coordinate actions at a global level to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

During those days, G20 foreign ministers will discuss global governance, Africa, food security, sustainable development and humanitarian aid in the context of the pandemic.

“Effective, fair and inclusive multilateralism is at the center of the G20 agenda this year and the three main axes privileged by the current Italian presidency of the mechanism to guide the discussions are: people, planet and prosperity,” said the Foreign Ministry.

In a press release, he added that Secretary Ebrard will work together with his counterparts and address issues of the first order such as the accelerator of access to tools against Covid-19 (ACT-A), the goals of sustainable, inclusive and resilient development. , the promotion of the empowerment of women and youth, the fight against marginalization and discrimination, human mobility in a protected way, goods and information, technological innovation and digitization.

The head of the SRE will hold meetings in Italy with businessmen from that country who are exploring the possibility of investing in Mexico.

In France, on June 30, he will participate in the Generation Equality Forum, in which Mexico and France They have worked together to reaffirm the universal nature of women’s rights.

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In addition, on July 1 he will have a meeting with his counterpart, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, Jean Yves Le Drian. Both ministers will receive the conclusions of the Franco-Mexican Strategic Council, that will meet to propose actions for the benefit of the bilateral relationship.

During the tour, he will also hold meetings to strengthen cooperation against illicit trafficking in cultural property between the two countries.

Additionally, he will visit the Sanofi company to continue strengthening the Mexican infrastructure for vaccines and will meet with French businessmen to promote investment in Mexico.

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