Champions: Zidane takes his hat off to his squad and says he is ready to “suffer” against Chelsea

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, praised his players for what they achieved in a season complicated by injuries and coronavirus, assured that it is to “take off his hat” and defended that “in football there are no miracles” and they have deserved to be at the gates of the end of UEFA champions league.

“We have had difficulties to get here, we have overcome difficult moments this season but we must take our hats off to this team that has character and personality. When things get complicated they are always there and they have shown it. We are where we want and above all. it is deserved “, assured Zidane.

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“It is not a miracle, we have come this far for our work and for believing in what we do. In football there are no miracles,” he added.

Zidane acknowledged that Chelsea was superior in the Alfredo di Stéfano stadium, he was not concerned about the physical aspect and pointed to the ball as the key to access the final in Istanbul.

“The drawing is not going to change anything, we are going to have to play a great game and give everything. In a semifinal we have to suffer on the field and it happened in the first leg, tomorrow too and we are prepared. I care how we are going to do it. with the ball, “he said.

And he confirmed that all the players “are very prepared to play,” including the recently recovered Sergio Ramos, Ferland Mendy and Fede Valverde. “We are going to play our game thinking about a game of ninety minutes or more. We are prepared for a Champions semi-final that is not played every day.”

“All the players who are here are prepared. We played a Champions League semi-final and we are all going to be to death on the field,” he defended. Without revealing if Sergio Ramos and Eden Hazard will be headlines, he hinted at it in his words.

“He will see tomorrow, I will not say what we are going to do with Sergio. He is with us and that means that he is fine. It is the most important thing to have our leader, our captain. I will not risk anything, he is with us and that means that he is ready to play, “he clarified.

“Eden is ready, prepared, tomorrow he is going to contribute his game and what he wants to do on the field. It is a very good moment for him, he comes prepared. We are going to need him, we know the player he is and he will surely help to the team, “he added.

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Despite the study of the rival, Zidane said that “it is useless” to know Chelsea perfectly because “it is a different game.” He was left with the feelings of his own team, “they are good, we are happy to be able to play this semifinal match, we know the match that awaits us and we are prepared. We are going to give everything on the field to go to the final.”

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