This week, the red mark, WWE Raw, left us the great appearances of the champions Drew and Asuka, for the first time the champions of both sexes were the protagonists of the program. In which Every week, they must outdo themselves in order to be at the top of the business.

The Latin soap opera

Andrade and Garza finally agreed to accompany The Legend Killer, Randy Orton, in the ring. They formed forces to fight Viking Raiders and the Big Show in an Australian relay fight. Randy had to calm the dispute between the Latins, based on threats.

He knows the risk of a fracture in his equipment, so he was in charge of solving the problem as soon as it was very evident. He was able to get the victory, but not bend to a Show that went up to the ring, to defend his teammates. Ric and Zelina celebrated their men’s victory

Drew and 3MB

The champion is the one who has had to suffer and bet the most to obtain an opportunity to be part of the main roster, but he must not forget those who helped him in the beginning, such as Ziggler, his next rival, or Heath Slater, a free agent who was a key player in McIntyre’s development as a fighter.

He wanted the opportunity he had been promised. The champion with a face of disappointment and pain, He agreed to nail a Claymore, the final kick, which made Slater lose in a few seconds. His performance is lower than that of the champion. They ended up saying goodbye as two great friends after the end of an era.

Asuka gets a help

Kairi Sane, another from the list of injuries caused by Nia Jax, was returning to help her great friend, facing one of the most difficult challenges of her career. The boss, who holds the championship in pairs, is at the level of the champion. And they are aware, that the duel will be full.

Kairi was able to beat Sasha in her fight, without the intervention of Bayley and Asuka. At the end of the program, they met again. This time it was Bayley vs. Asuka. Where the Japanese took the victory and get a shot at the tag team championships.

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