Champions League | Simeone: “Griezmann has to be prepared to play whatever he gets”

“Beyond imbalances, against Espanyol there was imprecision, little aggressiveness, intensity, but not only in a footballer, but in the aggregate. That is why the first half was not what we were looking for”, valued at the press conference prior to the match against Porto.

On Griezmann’s situation, the Argentine coach was quite clear and spoke about what he expects from the French star: “We want Griezmann to be what he always was, a very important player, with hierarchy, with talent and with a goal, and it will surely be seen. We will have to work on it, as all the teammates will touch him when it is his turn, that he is ready for 30, 60, 90 minutes…”

Antonie Griezmann, Espanyol-Atlético de Madrid

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The victory over the horn against Espanyol has unleashed the first criticisms of Simeone’s approaches, something to which he is already used: “I was judged from the first day I arrived and I will be judged now. I have no commitment to anyone, I want the team to win and I will do what I think is best for the team to do well.”

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