12:15. While we wait for the draw to begin, we remember the four fourth finalists already decided and who are the other four possible. Atlético de Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Atalanta and Red Bull Leipzig He already has his place guaranteed in the Lisbon quarterfinals.

From these four games will come the other four: Manchester City-Real Madrid (1-2 on the way), Barcelona-Naples (1-1 in the first leg), Bayern Munich-Chelsea (0-3 one way) and Juventus-Olympique Lyon (1-0 in the first leg).

12:10. Also does Koke, representative of Atlético de Madrid, and Emilio Butragueño, of the Real Madrid, although both with sound problems.

12:07. Speaking two protagonists of the tournament as Pavel Nedved and Giorgio Chiellini, representatives today of the Juventus.

12:01. We are already live in Nyon! In short, first quarterfinal crosses.

11:55. Five minutes to luck and luck in Nyon!

11:50. The semifinals will take place on August 18 and 19 at 9:00 p.m. in Lisbon, each one in one of the mentioned stadiums. Finally, the Grand finale will be the August 23rd at Benfica Sport Stadium Lisbon at 9:00 p.m.

11:45. The quarter finals will be played in Lisbon as a special venue for this final phase. It will be the August 12, 13, 14 and 15, always at 21:00 Spanish time, in one of these two fields: the Estádio do Sport Lisboa of Benfica and the José Alvalade Stadium of Sporting de Lisboa.

11:40. The four remaining games of eighth (Manchester City-Real Madrid, Barcelona-Naples, Bayern Munich-Chelsea and Juventus-Olympique de Lyon) will be played between the August 7 and 8, all in their corresponding stages, at 9:00 p.m.

11:35. And when and where will the eighth, quarter, semifinals and the grand final take place? Go for it.

11:30. Finally, there will be a third draw in which it will be decided who will act as « locals ». Formalities necessary for UEFA.

11:25. The second, the semifinals. In this draw it will be marked and to what pairing of quarters will be crossed in the semifinals. Each club will know what path they will have to solve to reach the final on August 23.

11:20. The first to be drawn will be the pairings of quarter finals. It should be noted that they will be pure, there may be national crossings. And it will be conditioned, since four of the quarter-finalists are still unknown.

11:15. As usual, the fate and chance of Europe is decided in Nyon, UEFA headquarters. We are going to solve the doubts that this atypical raffle can generate before the 12:00 hours, moment when the appointment will start.

11:00. Good Morning! Welcome to this live in which we will narrate the draw for the final phase of the Champions League, the how the pairings are both quarterfinals and semifinals, as well as a third draw in which it will be determined who plays at home at each crossing.

It should be remembered that four of the eight teams that will fight in the quarterfinals are still unknown. Four knockout knocks remain to be discerned: Manchester City-Real Madrid (1-2 on the way), Barcelona-Naples (1-1 in the first leg), Bayern Munich-Chelsea (0-3 one way) and Juventus-Olympique from Lyon (1-0 in the first leg). All will be played in the corresponding stadiums between August 7 and 8. Everyone will play knowing who they will face in the quarterfinals.

Atlético, PSG, Atalanta and Leipzig They are the four clubs that already have their place guaranteed for the quarterfinals after solving their knockout stages before the coronavirus was triggered.