Champions League: Carles Puyol mocks himself and surrenders to Ángel Di María of PSG

The former footballer and legend of Barcelona, Carles Puyol, surrendered to the great level of the PSG player, Ángel Di María, to whom he sent a message on social networks, making fun of himself when he remembered the mythical play in which he ‘broke his hip’.

In a Spanish Classic in 2013, Di María dribbled the Barcelona defender, leaving him lying on the field, which generated various jokes and memes for the historic culé player.

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Given this, Puyol took advantage of the great moment of Di María in the Champions League match between PSG and Manchester City to make a ‘joke’ in networks.

“Di Maria not only breaks waists, how he centers …”. He said after the assistance of the Argentine.

The fans of ‘Puyi’ took the message with humor and celebrated the joke of the former player, who is enjoying the Champions League game.