To see them coming is to sense the inevitable. They get off the bus, they barely speak before going to the field, they know exactly what to do, they do not hesitate, they do their thing on the field, they hug each other without overreacting and in the end they pat each other on the back without showing off. It’s another day at the office. Except that what they just did is a genius: they are a finalist in the Champions League.

Bayern Munich always has that cool head, in defeat, which is almost always a surprise, and especially in victory. They were never heard to complain about the suspension of football, they were never a tendency to train at home -which was their job, after all-, they returned to the fields before everyone true to their style, without frights because they were always ready. German school, without much else to add.

But it turns out that what the Bavarian club has done in this 2020, the dark year of the covid-19 coronavirus, has dangerously bordered on perfection: in 8 months it counts 24 games won (only one defeat and one draw) and has marked a whopping of 86 goals. It is said easy but it is to score an average of 3.3 points per game. Easy?

No need for pitchforks when all soldiers feel the task is their own. Because yes, it is known that Lewandowski is the man, the benchmark in the rival area, but the Pole reported 25 times, which is already brutal in six months of competition, and yet it is only 29 percent of the total of annotations.

To show off, now yes, with the balance, it is worth saying that only 23 goals were received against, less than 0.8 per game. Because when they defend, it also hurts the same for everyone.

Yes, Bayern have won all ten Champions League games this season, equaling their own record (2012 / 13–2013 / 14) and Real Madrid’s (2013 / 14–2014 / 15) in successive victories since it stopped being called the European Cup.

That a 10-point game with such high demands as 8-2 against FC Barcelona in the quarterfinals will be very difficult, the biggest win in the history of the Champions League and the first time that Barça conceded six goals or more in a European party. « It is different from 7-1 (against Brazil because we did not have so much control of the game then, what we have done is brutal, » said Müller after that beating that is being paid with a schism from which even Messi may not be saved.

Not counting the final this Sunday against PSG, 2020, which for many has been a condemnation, for Bayern is an anthology. And the best part is that history is not yet finished …