Champions League 2021/2022 | Sevilla-Salzburg: summary, result and goals of the match today

Sevilla and Salzburg drew 1-1 on Tuesday in the match of the first day of the group stage of the Champions League, played this Tuesday at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium, an eventful match in which the goals came in the first part from a penalty, although the Austrians missed another two in that period and in the second did not take advantage of the expulsion of Moroccan Youssef En-Nesyri five minutes from the start.

The visiting team went 0-1 with their second penalty, which was transformed by the Croatian Luka Sucic, since the first had been missed by the German Karim Adeyemi. Then he was able to put it 0-2 with the third penalty that they gave to Adeyemi himself, but Sucic missed it, while the goal later on En-Nesyri made it 1-1 by the Croatian Iván Rakitic shortly before the break, with what in the second half, Sevilla, limited by their numerical inferiority, accepted the added point as good.

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Never seen! Four penalties in 40 minutes at the Pizjuán


90 ‘+ 6’ (1-1) FINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Sevilla stumble against Salzburg at home in a crazy game that had four penalties in the first half.

90 ‘+ 3’ (1-1) Yellow for Camera.

90 ‘+ 1’ (1-1) Aaronson’s poison shot that Bono slaps for a corner!

90 ‘(1-1) Six minutes to go!

88 ‘(1-1) Ulmer is sore, who looks like he has a cut on his mouth.

87 ‘(1-1) Change in Sevilla: Navas leaves and Montiel enters.

84 ‘(1-1) Yellows for Navas and Capaldo for a collision.

82 ‘(1-1) Yellow for Delaney.

80 ‘(1-1) Double change at Salzburg: Adeyemi and Seiwald exit, Okafor and Capado enter.

78 ‘(1-1) THE PIZJUÁN ALREADY SING IT! Ocampos auction that leaves for very little.

74 ‘(1-1) Mir’s head butt caught by Kohn!

73 ‘(1-1) Great individual play by Lamela to force a foul on the side of the area.

70 ‘(1-1) WOW! Mir shot going high.

67 ‘(1-1) Change in Salzburg: Sesko exits and Adamu enters.

65 ‘(1-1) Change in Sevilla: Rakitic leaves, who sees the yellow one for wasting time, and Mir enters.

62 ‘(1-1) Defective clearance by Koundé that Diego Carlos subsequently takes out avoiding a greater danger. Sevilla is very imprecise.

58 ‘(1-1) Change in Sevilla: Papu leaves and Lamela enters.

57 ‘(1-1) THE ONE THAT FAILED SOLET! Bad exit of Bono and, with the goal empty, the player sends the ball to the clouds. It is going to save because it was offside …

55 ‘(1-1) The game for Sevilla is getting bogged down again.

52 ‘(1-1) Change in Salzburg: Wober exits and Piatkowski enters.

50 ‘(1-1) EXPELLED IN-NESYRI! The forward sees the second yellow for simulating a penalty. Sevilla protests that the player was offside and the line had indicated it.

47 ‘(1-1) A great save by Bono to avoid Sesko’s goal!

46 ‘(1-1) START THE SECOND PART! Delaney and Ocampos enter Sevilla through Jordán and Suso. In Salzburg there are no substitutions.

45 ‘+ 2’ (1-1) BREAK! Sevilla and Salzburg go to the locker room with a draw in a crazy game that had four penalties in the first half, of which Salzburg missed two and hit one for the other that the Sevillans took advantage of.

45 ‘(1-1) Two minutes to go!

44 ‘(1-1) It begins to rain in Seville while the people of Seville settle in a very crazy game.


41 ‘(0-1) THERE IS PENALTY! Wober clearly downed the Moroccan.

40 ‘(0-1) EN-NESYRI FALLS IN THE AREA! The referee goes to the VAR to review the play.

37 ‘(0-1) ¡AL PALO SUCIC! The previous pitcher, who had scored, does not hit this time.

35 ‘(0-1) BONUS PENALTY ON ADEYEMI! Third penalty for the Hispanics in the first half.

35 ‘(0-1) Diego Carlos volley that goes very high.

31 ‘(0-1) Sevilla are not at all comfortable in the match and cannot settle their game.

28 ‘(0-1) Hard foul by Jordan on Kamara. The party heats up.

25 ‘(0-1) Yellow for En-Nesyri.

21 ‘(0-1) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF SALZBURG GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLDE SUCIC. The midfielder cheats on Bono and opens the scoring.

20 ‘(0-0) New penalty on Adeyemi! Navas knocks down the player putting his body in and the referee does not hesitate.

16 ‘(0-0) Quick against Sevilla and a dive from Papu that goes out!

15 ‘(0-0) Yellow for Seiwald by a netrade over Jordan.

13 ‘(0-0) OUT ADEYEMI! Bono guessed the intention of the Salzburg player, but the shot did not go between the three suits.

12 ‘(0-0) Penalty for Sevilla and yellow for Diego Carlos!

10 ‘(0-0) Diego Carlos knocks Adeyemi down on the edge of the area! It is being reviewed if the fault is inside or outside.

4 ‘(0-0) Both teams are analyzed at this start of the match.

1 ‘(0-0) START THE MATCH AND THE CHAMPIONS! First possession for Salzburg, who wears red against Sevilla who do it in white.

The protagonists jump onto the pitch while the fans sing the Sevilla anthem!

Those from Lopetegui are already exercising on the pitch.

This is what Sánchez-Pizjuán looks like a few minutes after the ball starts rolling.

This has been the arrival of those from Lopetegui to Sánchez-Pizjuán.

These are you Elections of both teams to start the Champions League season!

Hello everyone and welcome to the live online of the Seville-Salzburg!

The match will be played on Tuesday, September 14, at 6:45 p.m., at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.

Where to watch and which channel does Sevilla-Salzburg televise?

The match can be seen by Movistar Champions League.

Lamela Sevilla-Rayo Vallecano

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Sevilla are looking to improve their performance last season, in which they were eliminated in the second round against Dortmund. To do this they will have to start on the right foot against a Slazburg that has already shown in previous editions of the Champions of what it is done.

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