CHAMPIONS | Hoeness: “Barça is no longer a benchmark and has long ceased to be an exemplary club for us”

The current Honorary President of Bayer Munich, Uli Honess, he attended the German station ‘Bayern 1’ to review the news of the Bavarian team before facing Barcelona this Tuesday in the Champions League.

Regarding Barcelona, ​​he pointed out that the Catalan club has been a benchmark in recent years and makes it clear that he wanted Bayern to resemble Barcelona, ​​but that currently the management of the Blaugrana club has caused a turnaround and that “They have long ceased to be a benchmark to follow.”

David Alaba (Real Madrid)

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In the same interview, the always charismatic Honess had time to talk about the signing of Praise for Real Madrid. The German legend pointed out that Alaba had always confessed that his dream was to play for ‘Can Barça‘: “David once told me:’ my dream is still to play for Barcelona ‘. So I said:’ Do you want to negotiate with the president or the bankruptcy administrator? ‘” Hoeness stressed.

Regarding the match that his club disputes against Barcelona on Tuesday, he pointed out that the Bayern He is a very favorite due to the losses that Roland Koeman’s team has had on the offensive plot.

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