When the Premier League title fast ended for Liverpool, everything was very close to protocol: the celebration was without excesses. It was Klopp’s instruction and the club’s express request to the squad: set an example and go home after that unforgettable moment.

All obeyed … except one. Dejan Lovren, now a former center-back of the club, confessed that he broke the rules and partied with the fans once the historic triumph was confirmed.

That June 25, when Chelsea’s victory over Manchester City confirmed the title, the fans disregarded all health regulations and ran to Anfield to celebrate without distances, no masks, or any health regulations.

Fans cheered late into the night as players and club staff toasted at a hotel.

It was early and then, as Lovren recounted, the emotion won over him: «  » I did something that I don’t know if anyone knows … After the game many fans went to the stadium, it was a great party. They told us ‘guys don’t even go to the stadium’ because you’re in trouble, we can’t keep you safe. I said to myself, the party was almost over, ‘I don’t want to go to sleep, it’s too early, at midnight’, so I took the car and went to Anfield, just to experience this, « he revealed in an interview with journalist Vladimir Kolos.

« I drove there myself, I have a video, I put on the mask and my God, tens of thousands of people celebrating and I just wanted to feel this emotion, » he said, without a trace of regret.

Today he is in Zenit of Russia and there was no punishment. That disobedience, with Klopp, would have been very expensive …