Challenge Natti Natasha with a photo of how God brought her into the world

Natti Natasha challenges with a photo of how God brought her into the world (EFE)

Challenge Natti Natasha with a photo as God brought her into the world | .

The pretty reggaeton singer, Natti Natasha, He turned on social networks after sharing a photograph in which he poses without any garment filling his followers with sighs, because with her he left very, very little to the imagination.

Natti Natasha shared a high-voltage photograph that left her figure uncovered, and also left on the brink of c3nsura, since it almost shows everything.

That’s right, Natti Natasha once again returned to to challenge to the strict rules from the social network Instagram by posting a high voltage photo that shows his body fully d3sknot.

And it is that despite the community regulations on d3snudos that Instagram has, the Dominican singer and songwriter played it with a daring photograph that shows her d3snuda in a part of a house in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

That was how in her Instagram account, the interpreter of songs like “Criminal” and “In pajamas” delighted the looks of her thousands of followers by showing off her spectacular figure and leaving very little to the imagination.

On IG I always see you “like” this Domi you like, when she tells you Papi, “Natti wrote in the publication.

Click here to see the daring photograph of the Dominican singer.

In the photograph, you can see part of her rear and her front attributes, which were slightly covered by a white towel, however, her profile allows her incredible curves to be seen perfectly.

This publication was shared last May and it is unknown if it is a current photograph or not, since at that time two days ago the singer published a home video where she made a topless for her new song, which was recorded at home. that he shares with his manager, Rafael Pina, in New York, United States, where he served his confinement.

As expected, the photograph made a great impression among its followers and to this day it has almost three million likes and thousands of comments from its followers who are stunned with its unmatched beauty.

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However, although he received many good comments, not all the messages that have been left are positive, since there are those who have criticized him for exposing himself in this way.

You are very pretty, but you should not expose your body like that “,” There is no need for you to show yourself like that to see how beautiful and talented you are “or” What lack of respect for those of us who follow this singer “, they have written.

The beautiful Dominican has made several collaborations with other reggaeton singers, one of the most recognized is with Daddy Yankee, since then she shared a video where she danced one of his songs very fearlessly.

It is worth mentioning that this publication is not the first that she shares showing off her figure, there have already been several and what better way to be in a beauty like her, of course for the good of her male followers.

No doubt Natti Natasha Over the years she has managed to become one of the most popular artists of today and mainly this is because she has an incredible and unique voice and it is thanks to this that the best Latin artists seek her to interpret songs. musicals with them.

On the other hand, in social networks the interpreter of “Without pajamas” has a great fame, since every time she makes a publication it goes viral in just a matter of minutes, just as she did in the photograph that we mentioned in this note.

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