Chael Sonnen talks about the drug TJ Dillashaw was suspended for: “It’s my favorite because it’s going to give you more stamina”

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen explained why EPO was his drug of choice, saying that “it will give you more resistance.”

Sonnen was a huge UFC star in the early 2010s, but his career went downhill after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs three times, which eventually led to the end of his UFC career. He ended his career with a stint at Bellator, and since retiring in 2019, has been incredibly open about his previous use of performance-enhancing drugs during his mixed martial arts career.


Speaking on his YouTube channel, spoke about PEDs ahead of TJ Dillashaw’s return to the Octagon this Saturday at UFC Vegas 32. Dillashaw hasn’t fought in more than two years since testing positive for EPO, the same substance that former rider Lance Armstrong tested positive for. According to Sonnen, EPO was his favorite drug during his MMA career because it gave him better cardio and the ability to push yourself harder in workouts.

“The EPO, of all the performance enhancers, I’ll tell you, from personal experience. I’m an expert on performance enhancers – for all the wrong reasons – but an expert nonetheless. EPO, without a doubt, is my favorite“Said Chael Sonnen. «I feel like I have taken everything. I’ve been to GNC or health stores and I have tried everything on the shelf with the possibility that something would work, and it doesn’t. Everything is rubbish. Nothing on those shelves works. But the same goes for performance improvements, you won’t get an increase on all of them »

«(EPO) directly affects your cardiovascular performance. It’s not going to make you bigger, it’s not going to make you slimmer, it’s not going to make you stronger. It will give you more resistance. A guy who takes EPO, particularly in training, can now just train longer, ”Sonnen said. «It can hit the bag many more times. Can jump rope many more times«.


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