Chadwick Boseman’s family defends Anthony Hopkins for Oscar win

The night of the Oscars 2021 was exciting for some and quite boring for others, but the truth is that it was not without controversy. The ceremony left the award for Best Actor until the end, which ended up in the hands of Anthony Hopkins thanks to his performance in El padre – 100%. The fans of Chadwick Boseman were filled with indignation when they discovered that their favorite had not won the statuette, so they filled social networks with negative messages against the veteran interpreter. The brother of Boseman states to TMZ that Anthony He deserves the award and supports his success.

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Chadwick boseman was nominated for Best Actor for his appearance in The Mother of Blues – 100%, an ambitious Netflix film that tells the story of Ma rainey, legendary blues singer. The film received generally positive reviews, however, it was accused of having an untidy and even rushed production. Either way, the followers of Chadwick They expected the African-American actor to get the final recognition of the night … but they were bitterly disappointed and their anger continues to be reflected through social networks.

Derrick Boseman, brother of the late actor, told TMZ that he does not consider the failure of Chadwick as a slight from the Academy; clarifies that all the nominees are absolutely talented and that each had the same opportunities to win the award on Sunday night. He assures that the family is not upset by the situation and that they only wish the best for Anthony HopkinsWell, let’s remember that the actor did not attend the ceremony due to his advanced age and that the coronavirus pandemic is still present in many countries.

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It is worth mentioning that the Hopkins talked about Chadwick boseman in his speech of appreciation shared on Monday morning: “I am very grateful to the Academy, thank you. I want to pay tribute to Chadwick boseman, who was taken from us too soon. Again, thank you very much to all.” The gesture of Anthony Hopkins It was well received not only by the family of the deceased actor, but also by social networks, whose hostile Internet users gave up some of their anger towards what happened in the final minutes of the Oscar ceremony; however, complaints to the Academy can still be seen in their official profiles.

Anthony Hopkins He is the best actor of recent months according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and many could not agree more. His performance in The father He is absolutely phenomenal and they send us a powerful look at the deterioration in old age, a large part of the public agrees that the Best Actor award could only go to him. Will we see him again in an awards season contest? Now he has become the oldest performer to win in the category.

The 2021 Oscars were the least seen in the history of the celebration. Although the show’s organizers tried their best to get the public’s attention, audience numbers plummeted and never seen such a severe setback. Some agree that this celebration is lagging a bit behind in time and that the chains have not made the right decisions when selling the product to consumers. Can they be recovered in future editions? The 2022 installment will be interesting to watch, especially with so many films delayed by the pandemic.

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