Chabelita PantojaAs Isa likes it, we are going to university. So common in gossip magazines in recent times, it is impossible not to feel a certain pride and joy among the regulars of the pink kiosk for the daughter of Isabel Pantoja, which is already like home. « Readings » tells that the young woman (who is already a mother) has passed selectivity (now called the PAU) and enters the faculty to study Law. « I am the first Pantoja to arrive at the University, » Chabelita points out on the cover, with a markedly intellectual pose (she wears glasses to look interesting) that has nothing to do with what she looks like when she announces that she is going to « Survivors » or take out disk. Antonio David Flores follow his own, that is, in his daily war against his ex, Rociito, and her friends, the Fields. They are accused of « being ashamed » of a secret brother who has just come to light. For sisters, those of Jorge Javier, of which he boasts in a photo in which they appear with his mother.

Granddaughter and grandmother, Alejandra and Maria Teresa. The Fields. « The saga continues » headlines « Hello ». They have reunited the daughter and the mother of Terelu for them to chat and talk « about the controversies that persecute the family. » Something that both should do regularly, in family gatherings. The magazine has decided to send a photographer to one of them (for whom they pose on the cover in a white bathrobe and towel) and to no one else, because no editor was needed, since grandmother and granddaughter « interview each other. » And four more pearls on the cover: the new Duchess of the House of Alba, rosary beads, was born days ago; Eva Gonzalez she is photographed (for the umpteenth time) after « the last controversies » (for the umpteenth time); Paloma Cuevas celebrated its 48 years and the surprise guest was Enrique Ponce (without Ana Soria, it is understood); and Ana Obregon She is still very sad, and no wonder, four months after losing her son, whose grave she went to visit when she returned to Madrid after the holidays.

In « Semana » they show on the cover the birth of Rosario, future Duchess of Alba, who posed with her parents (she is not aware of the photos that come to her), Fernando and Sofia, when leaving the clinic. The magazine slides that Antonio David Flores has a « close friend », Marta Riesco. For now, the report is about how they behave when no one (they think) sees them. Toni Alcantara, that of « Tell me », is actually Pablo rivero, of whom it is now known that he already has a child, quite grown up, with his husband or partner, because the actor is so discreet that he has locked in his personal life. It is an option and you can choose. As you have chosen Carmen Lomana, who has been alone since she became a widow, but from time to time she gets a boyfriend. Now he is « meeting someone », he reveals in « Semana », in the middle of the harvest. Of course, the Lomana model to go to pick grapes would already be liked by many for an evening party or terrace.

« Ten Minutes » addresses the case of Antonio David Flores’ alleged lover without restriction and tells that he and his wife Olga they are together despite the rumors. The magazine has photographed Ana Obregón in the cemetery, with a sadness that neither the mask nor the sunglasses can hide. And a hole for the fields, Carmen Borrego and Terelu, who claim to have a « wonderful relationship » with that brother who has suddenly appeared. I said, the saga continues.