Cha Eunwoo revealed that she made the director of True beauty cry with her performance Noticias Peru

Cha eunwoo reached its peak when participating in True beauty, one of the most popular Korean series globally. During the broadcast of the drama, and even before the premiere, his work was criticized on social networks.

Cha Eun Woo on Instagram. Photo: Capture

In this regard, the member of STAR He argued, in an interview with the Sport Chosun newspaper, that he ignored the bad comments and only concentrated on listening to the advice of people close to him.

“I preferred not to inquire into external opinions because my ears can tremble. I tend to listen to the people around me to work on improving the points that they point out to me ”.

Cha Eun Woo in behind the scenes for True Beauty. Photo: Eunwoo / Instagram

Also, Cha Eunwoo stressed that he was engrossed in the controversy over his acting skills.

“I feel like I did the best I could for my work, I qualify myself. When I supervise my performance I say to myself, ‘Why did I do that?’ I’m not focused on negative comments.

On the other hand, the True beauty actor revealed, for Xports News, that he made the director cry with his performance in the scene where Suho confronts his father in the hospital over the death of his best friend Seyeon.

« Because the narration was deep, I imagined it previously in my head and it said to myself, ‘Suho must have thought this and that,’ and I saved my tears for the shoot. »

« At the hospital scene asking Jung Joon Ho to leave me alone, my father in the drama. At the time, I was crying and when they made the cut, the director also cried. In a way I was proud enough to think of myself as ‘well done.’

Scene capture from True beuty. Photo: Composition Xports News / tvN

At the moment, it has not been confirmed what other drama he could work on. Cha eunwoo, but it was revealed that it will be the image of GQ Korea, March edition. In that photo shoot, the actor wore a completely different look than his fans are accustomed to, which caused great astonishment among them.