CFE recognizes error and gives a powerful lesson to community managers

One aspect that we cannot lose sight of in this type of incident is that which has to do with the communication capacity that brands have today.

There is a common element in this work and it has to do with the CFE’s ability to create important trends in the market.

There are several points that we cannot lose sight of in the trend of the CFE and the use of false images.

Communication on social networks is essential today and patents trends that we cannot ignore, as they determine the ability of a brand to transcend to the consumer and the case involving the CFE is a great case study.

Faced with this relevance, an aspect that is of great weight in this is the one that warns us of how important it is to understand the consumer and what is essential in it, the quality of content that they demand.

This has driven the trend of brands starring in narratives to become tremendously popular and warns us without a doubt of the value in the market, of influencing the consumer.

That said, a vital element is the one that reveals to us how necessary it is to understand the consumer again.

The lesson of the CFE in social networks

The CFE has given an important lesson that warns us of how important communication led by brands has become, with narratives that are not wasted.

A common habit to illustrate content on social networks has been to resort to stock images, however, this is no longer accepted by the consumer, especially when trying to tell stories with false content.

The CFE published a publication with a “fake” image, with which it sought to illustrate the work carried out by company employees to re-establish the electricity supply in the midst of the terrible weather conditions that are being experienced in the north of the country.

The action generated terrible criticism and the brand had to admit the mistake of many community managers.

This trend has become a very important guideline before which we cannot be oblivious and it is the one that warns us of the need to reflect with content on social networks, the essential activity of a brand.

Starring in narratives is then a content strategy that does not have waste, on the contrary, it is the best guideline to get a brand to communicate with the consumer, only there is a requirement, this communication has to occur from a real plane, where the facts told are a clear portrait of the brand.

Faced with this, it becomes tremendously necessary to have better references on the part of brands, to develop increasingly transcendent guidelines, through which it is possible to determine the ability of a brand to be bold.

Come Verde is a great example of narratives featuring brands on social media:

@comeverdemxPara brighten our Friday 🥰❤️ ## comeverde ## recipe ## kitchen ## family ## entrepreneurship ## business ## Mexicans ## tiktokmexico ## factory

♬ Solo – Clean Bandit, Demi Lovato

Faced with this audacity, the famous phrase in English “keep it real” becomes a true storytelling mantra that Community Managers must bet on within social networks, since they are the main storytellers of the brands in these digital media .

Brands winning in conversation

The conversation that has been established in social networks has given way to a significant number of elements, through which the value of communication is being defined.

Undoubtedly, mastering the network strategy is fundamental, since the ability of a company to be transcendent before the consumer depends on it.

That said, it becomes key to be able to understand the role that brands play today in being able to understand the consumer, since increasingly daring guidelines are established in the market when it is possible to understand the ability of a brand to transcend.

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