Cesc’s “vote of confidence” to the National Team


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They say that all past times were always better. In the case of Spain, it seems obvious. Nobody believes that this current generation is capable of emulating Xavi Hernández, Iniesta, Casillas, Ramos, Puyol, Piqué and company. But the truth is that they still have time to grow. This is how Cesc Fàbregas sees it, who in statements in ‘El Larguero’ of the SER tried to throw some optimism to the environment of the Selection, saddened to see a team that, even Slovakia, had offered very little.

“Before the penalties in Italy, we were good but & mldr; Xavi exploded after that Eurocup. Andrés was exploding, Silva & mldr; Now it’s easy to say. Until that time we had not proven anything. That is why I give you that vote of confidence. With confidence you always start to grow. That is why I give that vote. I know that football changes by centimeters, “said Cesc.

It is true that that penalty shoot-out in the 2008 Euro Cup against Italy meant the before and after of a Spanish team that, from that moment on, began to amaze the world of football with a spectacular game. Cesc still trusts that Spain will do something important in this Euro.

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