Cesarean section and more, Lizbeth Rodríguez leaves quite exposed

Cesarean section and more, Lizbeth Rodríguez leaves quite exposed | Instagram

The beautiful Lizbeth Rodríguez caused a huge stir on social networks by showing her caesarean section and much more to the cameras during one of her strong dances. Ex girl Badabun Not only did she show her best movements, but she did it in a two-piece swimsuit that, given her curvy figure, was quite small.

The youtuber She showed off her curves to the fullest with the revealing white outfit, which she complemented with comfortable tennis shoes to dance better and her hair blowing in the wind. His followers were definitely delighted with his curvy figure.

The outfit of the beautiful Lizbeth Rodríguez left much of her anatomy exposed and her movements even more. The former host of Exposing Infidels decided to share the video despite the fact that her dance steps showed the camera a scar on her lower belly.

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The couple of Esteban VillaGómez He decided to take the situation with humor and indicated that his cesarean section was more visible than Eden, his partner who was dancing behind. Huge commotion caused the observation of Lizbeth Rodriguez, who took the opportunity to congratulate all those who have given life, since they assure nothing of what is seen is a cesarean section.

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For all that we let ourselves open to give life

Netizens were direct and many quickly wrote in the influencer’s comment box that the scar was definitely not a cesarean section. The followers of this beautiful woman pointed out that the scar corresponded to a lipectomy to look slimmer and more beautiful and not to a caesarean section, since the latter is performed even lower than the belly.

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While some made negative comments to the star for this situation, others defended her and assured that if she can and wants, whatever she wants can be done; many indicated that she looks really beautiful and that she is a human being, with flaws and so on.

I do not know what is more, if Eden or the caesarean section, wrote the star in Tik Tok.

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The recording has a shot from below, so it attenuates certain parts of the star of social networks and even a dark coloration is seen, which did not go unnoticed by critics of social networks.

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