The Red Bulls Leipzig is one of the teams that has caused a sensation in Europe, because the young team competed in a good way with the giant of the Old continent in the Champions League. The German team noticed Mexican talent and was close to signing the defender Cesar Montes but he couldn’t get it.

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According to information from the portal Halftime, in the summer of 2019 the picture of the Bundesliga approached with his group of agents to the element of Striped to present the proposal to you. However, the player’s representative declined the offer, as he considered that he could put Mountains in European football without intermediaries.

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The same source revealed that the German team was willing to make an offer close to the $ 8 million to be able to acquire the Mexican team. In the end, it could not be finalized, as the Mexican’s agent intervened so that the negotiation fell apart.

For now, Cesar Montes works hard in training to regain a position with the Rayados from Monterrey. It is speculated that the ‘Puppy‘I could leave Mexican soccer in the next few months, because Seville, Valencia and the Wolverhampton they follow closely.

It should be remembered that Mountains debuted with the Rayados from Monterrey at 2016 hand in hand with the strategist Antonio Mohamed, he ‘Puppy‘It has been consolidated in the first division and it has also been linked on previous occasions with the Chivas Rayadas from Guadalajara. So far, the defender has scored 11 goals in 185 games.