César Bono announces the end of his marriage after suffering verbal violence – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

César Bono, Mexican actor and comedian, revealed that due to problems that originated during this coronavirus pandemic, covid-19, their love affair came to an end.

He stated that he has been separated from his wife Patricia Castro for some months, because no matter how much he struggled to save his commitment, some verbal attacks ended up undermining his marriage. What happened? We tell you what the famous communicated.

In an interview with Sale el Sol, César Bono stated that the end of his marriage occurred due to some problems that arose after the death of someone close by coronavirus, covid-19.

The actor said that they could not get rid of the great pain of said death, which made them stay halfway through the trip.

“Yes, he ended, I don’t want to blame anything or anyone, but the pain of some deaths had to do a lot to not be able to get rid of that great pain, that great absence and then instead of getting ahead we stayed in the middle My ex-wife and I traveled ”, explained César Bono in the program Sale el Sol.

The famous man made it clear that it was not the lack of love that caused them to break the marriage bond, but the fact that they stopped loving him.

“No, in my case no, I loved my ex-wives, I love the mothers of my children, with each one of them two sons, two daughters with one and two sons with the other, and I love them, and I love to my children and I love my grandchildren, but then they stop loving you and that’s life, “he revealed.

He also assured that to save his love relationship he fought to the end. However, the violence against him was what fractured everything.

“They saw that I fought, I fought until there were many aggressions, many problems and I could no longer, that is, I fought until I could no longer, I did not abandon the battle later.

There were obstacles that we did not pass and when you do not pass an obstacle one falls into nonsense of violence, of things, verbal violence that at the end of the day is the same, it is the same if he hits you with the cane or says something to you. offend you or your family ”, he concluded.

By: Millennium