Cerezo: “Messi has no place at Atleti because he has no record”


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Enrique Cerezo has gone through the microphones of “El Larguero” from Cadena SER to review the news of Atlético de Madrid after the positives in coronavirus of Luis Suarez and Torreira before playing against Barcelona at the Metropolitano.

Positive of Suárez and Torreira: “We are worried and considering the good moment of the two players with the game on Saturday. The national teams are left to the players with affection so that they have the same controls as in the clubs that nothing happens. It has been bad luck that two players have caught the coronavirus. “

Uruguayan Federation: “They have not had control and it has happened that it happened. In Spain there is a control that must be fulfilled. Here the players do not shower in the locker rooms. We control them before and after the game and training. We are the losers clubs. There are too many games. The same thing that the clubs have sacrificed ourselves, the national teams have to do. “

Situation: “Knowing that all the clubs are in the situation, we must have more control and security. It is not the same to go from Madrid to Barcelona than to make a 14-hour trip. The number we have now with five hits and two in Uruguay that you can have three or four weeks … “.

Uruguay: “It is not a country with a serious situation. Everything is going well here because medically they are very controlled. We have Lokomotiv, we are going to Valencia, Bayern is coming. These are games that we are playing a lot and that we cannot have.”

Win: “We always go out with that intention. You play a bit at a disadvantage. All the teams are even but it’s one more game. You have to look optimistically and think that not everything is going to go wrong every day. It’s not the same to talk to him empty field than with full field “.

Luis Suarez: “He was at an important moment. He is on his way to scoring a significant number of goals.”

Goals number: “If it is not the top scorer who scores between 20 and 25 goals”.

João Felix: “Many teams wanted him. We knew he had quality as is being demonstrated. Last year was his first Champions League. He was quite good and this year he has exploded.”

Messi: “He is a Barcelona player. He has accumulated a series of problems that in a normal situation does not have to happen to him. Barça will not let him leave. His position is at Barça. When the waters return to their course He will return. We are happy as we are now. Suárez is excited and eager. Messi has no place at Atleti because he has no record. “

Griezmann: “I told him: ‘I hope wherever you go they treat you and love you like here.’ A complicated situation has been found. When the team goes bad, everything is bad. Griezmann is one of the three best players in Europe”

Return to Atlético: “Life takes so many turns. There are some who have left and have returned. The only certainty is that Suárez is not going to play against Barcelona.”

Salary cap: “It is a problem for all teams because part of their income on their balance sheets had money that was not going to come in. There will be many months without income in the stadium, the museum, the stores … They are income that is not They are. If the numbers are to be removed, things will be removed. “

Super league: “No one has told us about the Super League so far. The Champions League is very good and maybe there are clubs that think that making a league between the important countries works out better. If one day it arises we will have to see it.”

VAR: “I don’t like it. If the 20 First, Second, UEFA and FIFA teams like it. Respect for the referee has been lost. If before there were problems when it was seen on television, now the system is the same, but a little technically improved “.

Koke: “He was wonderful. He is a magnificent player. He is a team player, of a good team. You have to bear in mind that they have their ups and downs.”

Morata: “I love it because he deserves it. Look who is fighting for the goal. Now he has found the way and look at the one he is mounting. He is on loan for two years. He is an Atlético de Madrid player. Juventus has a purchase option if he pays “.

Cholo continuity: “Who doubts that?”

Best game: “He’s playing well. Send noses that he has to touch this to us.”

Carranza: “We are the team that has the most Carranzas because they have played them more times. We will have played 30 times.”