Astronomers have found a very interesting planet, a frozen and desert world, but with great potential. Ceres could hide a sea under its surface which would imply that it can be inhabited.

Ceres is a dwarf planet that has caught the attention of the scientific community. NASA sent the Dawn space probe to explore the surface of the astro, which it has discovered inside is an ocean that indicates to us that it could have had life at some point.

Between Mars and Jupiter this planet has been on the minds of researchers for years, but now we have new data on it. Thanks to Dwan’s exploration we know what lies behind that surface and its craters like Occator.

The journal Nature collects a series of studies on Ceres in which it is explained how they have found the presence of liquid inside the planet, opening the possibility of being before a habitable star in the past. But this is not the most intriguing thing about Ceres, this little planet, has geological activity.

The history of NASA provides many reports but rarely does it speak of the great contribution they have made to the improvement of life on Earth.

At the base of the Occator crater, deposits composed of salts were known. Their brightness gave away these deposits in the images, although their origin and composition were unknown. Now we know that it’s about hydrohalite, a type of salt or hydrated sodium chloride that it is common in sea ice, but until now we had not seen outside the Earth.

Hydrohalite is formed when there is liquid water and hydrothermal activity, which is why researchers have determined that on the planet there are currently brine deposits. The hydrohalite compound, in addition, would be less than 100 years old.

The exploration of Ceres, therefore, opens the possibility of finding a hidden ocean that was not completely frozen. This revelation would also be related to Europe, the jupiter moon, that NASA considers it to be one of the strongest candidates for liquid water because water vapor has been found in it. There is still much to know about Ceser and her past.