Cemex and Genomma Lab, the only Mexican stocks that rose more than 10% in January 2021 – .

January 23, 2021 | 5:00 am

The shares of Cemex, dedicated to the construction industry, and Genomma Lab, manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, led the increases in the Mexican Stock Exchange, in January 2021.

Cemex and Genomma Lab are the only issuers, out of a sample of 56 stocks with the most stock markets in the country, that advance in double digits so far this year, as of January 22, with increases of 20.16 and 15.92%, respectively.

How have stations fared in the quarterly reporting era?

Cemex is one of Grupo Financiero Banorte’s favorite issuers thanks to three factors:

The economic recovery and favorable prospects in the demand for construction materials
The ‘Operation Resilience’ aimed at improving margins, optimizing the portfolio, recovering the investment grade and orienting itself to a more sustainable business, will favor growth
The company’s current valuation looks attractive, trading at a 12.1% discount against the industry.

What Mexican stocks broke records in 2021?

At the other extreme, the most affected stations so far in January are Gentera, dedicated to microfinance, and Alsea, a restaurant operator, which fell 16.03 and 10.97%, respectively.